You have a property on the Levante Region. Well done, it is a great place to have one!

It is a dream of many people to have a second home in the sun and only a few can realise that dream, however, have you thought about having a reliable person to hold your key?

Here are 10 reasons for why having a reliable key holder is very important to you, particularly in this Costa Cálida area:

1. Like all valuable possessions, your second home needs, first of all, looking after all year round.

2. In the event of a water leak from the house, having a key holder that can alert you to the fact and take action on time, can save untold damage to your property.

3. What would happen if the electricity was left on and the water heater kept heating your water for long periods of time?  Imagine the waste of power that could be avoided by having a reliable trustworthy person looking after your home.

4. You may have read about the statistics on home breaks in this country and the horror stories they are.  Again, the damage in an unfortunate break in can be reduced by early detection to take prompt action to alert you and the authorities.

5. Are you aware of the high winds that often rip havoc in this area? Nothing left outside in terms of garden furniture, plants, awnings, ornaments etc. is immune to destruction in the event of a wind storm. Prompt inspection visits from a key holder will avoid a lot of damage.

6. Arriving at your second home without your right key or no key (it does happen!) can be a real pain that a key holder can easily avoid for you to suffer.

7. The knowledge that a reliable person holds your property’s key and that they can arrange your home to be welcoming for you or your guests in terms of cleanliness, readiness, peace of mind can be priceless and it is something that a few people know they have and like to keep enjoying!

8. You probably know that sometimes the rain in this region is a horror story! Creating havoc when it belts down in sudden uncontrollable gusts of heavy rain. The damage to properties in the unlucky areas where this happens is huge! And it is instant sometimes. Again, you would like in these circumstances to know the extent of the damage and the remedy to apply to your house.

9. Droughts are frequent in this area as well and the sun, as you know, ends up destroying everything that is exposed to its power with time. How nice to realise that a text message to someone you can trust can take action to remedy whatever needs protection from the fierce sun.

10. You may have read about the dangers of leaving your property empty. It is an invitation not only for the professional thieves but also for the casual opportunistic person that feels it is an easy way to get hold of a few possessions. And they do take chances to get into these properties! The exterior appearance of your property can be really enhanced by having a reliable person holding your key and preventing obvious signs that the house is left for long periods unused.

Clearly, there are many other reasons to talk about this issue but these few alone can make the second property holder like you realise that indeed it makes great sense to engage a good reliable person to hold the key to your peace of mind and the safety of your property.

About Us:

The reason why we operate in this property sector to provide services that benefit our customers like you is what motivates us the most: To Help and Maintain The Original Dream That Made You Invest In Your Second Home Here In Spain.

It is when events happen to those that do not want to adequately protect their investments here in the Costa Blanca, that their dreams of owning properties here turn sour very quickly, which often lead to disappointment and tragedy in some cases.

We don’t want any of these events to happen to you and that is why we would like you to have peace of mind and to enjoy many years of happy ownership of your second home here in this beautiful region of Spain.

You can try us for a while at entry levels that you can really afford and we are sure that you will be eager to continue using our services because you will realise how happy you will feel the peace of mind that you will enjoy, knowing that your property is taken care off round the clock in this resort and others of this region.

Please feel free to call us or send us an email at to get information about our services for you.

With the information pack, you will get also our guarantees for your interests that are very important to you. It will also explain how our communication with you is to be carried out regularly on time and with a professional approach that you will enjoy.

You deserve our most sincere, effective professional and caring approach that we are very happy to provide for you.

Go ahead and try us and if, in the improbable possibility that you are not happy with us, for whatever reason, just let us know and your money will promptly be refunded, no questions asked other than any negative but constructive feedback because we like to build and learn from it, to serve our customers better.

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