Looking For A Blissful Vacation In La Manga?

La Manga is one the premier destinations of tourists and vacationers in Spain. The strip has lots of benefits to vacationers and guests including a lush natural environment and the best in accommodations and services. You’ll get world-class hotels or you can get licensed La Manga vacation rental houses or condos through the right budget.

The strip has quite a diverse landscape where guests can enjoy the sea, the beach, and the warm to hot sun. One can go snorkelling , fishing, diving,  windsurfing or play golf on the world class courses in the resort. The mountain trail nearby is a good place for adventure as well.

From either side of the strip, beaches,  to the long walks along the Grand via or the leisurely shop experiences of the multiple stalls of La Manga is a great memory for your vacation trip. That’s why planning ahead, taking care of where you will stay in advance is a great way to fully enjoy what La Manga has to offer.

You should get to know the strip first. La Manga is one of the most important vacation destinations in Spain. The peninsula has been dubbed the strip, this is in reference to the narrow plain situated between the “Cabo de Palos” to the “Punta del Mojón”.

The Romans already used La Manga all those years ago when they called it Palus. They enjoyed its worm waters and the opportunity of a great relaxation time in the “Mar Menor”. After them, the Moors also used the area for their extremely warm climate but they name it with this long name: Buhayrat Al Qsarand. Go on, pronounce that… Later on, though, its name became Mar Chico or Minor Sea “Mar Menor” in Spanish.

So La Manga consists of a great number of beaches on both sides of the strip. Entering La Manga, you have the left-hand side beaches of the Mar Menor and on the right, there are the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, some of them, even in the height of Summer, are beautifully peaceful, and a joy for a day’s visit at the beach in total relaxation as is, for instance, the Playa de la Ensenada, which some days you may think you are in the Caribean.

Then, there is the La Manga Club, a superlative Golf Resort, which is about 3 times the size of Monaco, and that has three of the best Golf Courses in Europe! Your stay can be arranged at La Manga Club in the Hotel Principe Felipe 5* which is luxurious and emblematic, or at nearby hotels like Hotel Entremares, Hotel Spa Mangalan, even at Aparthotel La Mirage.

From snorkelling and scuba diving in the Grosa Island to the trecking of the Calblanque Regional Park to the blissful sunbathing in the marvellous white sandy beaches of crystalline waters of the Mediterranean or the quiet warm water beaches of the Mar Menor, vacationers go to La Manga en search of that special
holiday they dream of.

Enjoying the sceneries and the various activities in the strip can be easy if you have the right rental packages. Fortunately, in most of the areas of La Manga, you’ll be able to get accommodations from dorm-type rooms to private rooms which are ideal for backpackers as well as high-class accommodation in
many of the hotels there.

These kinds of accommodations are perfect for vacationers who are strictly on a budget or for those that can indulge. Often, even small hotels offer packages that include the room rent and daily tours for guests. La Manga’s accommodations also now offer specialised services or add-ons like high-speed internet access.

If you’re aiming to play golf, most of your stay in La Manga, and you can afford a good hotel, those mentioned above come to mind as do many others like Aparthotel Londres, Ibersol AqquaMarina Bay SPA & Wellness or Pierre & Vacances La Manga.

The main advantage of these hotels is that they are all located in the strip itself where excellent golf courses are in full operation. The type of licensed La Manga vacation rentals you will be having depends on the type of vacation you want in the strip. If having a golf vacation is your objective then the above-mentioned hotels could be the ideal place to stay. If you’re the backpacker type, there are a number of cheap accommodations in the area as well, or, for great accommodation at reasonable prices, at 50 minutes drive from La Manga in another great golf resort, you can stay at the Condado de Alhama Signature Golf Course, from where you can visit not only La Manga but many beautiful other destinations in this lovely region of Spain. 

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